Five Happiness Restaurant
of Diamondhead, MS

Fine Cuisine
Special Dinners for One
Our Special Dinner for One is offered at the low price of
per person and includes the following:

Appetizer:  Egg Roll and Crab Rangoon
Soup:  Wonton, Egg Drop or Hot and Sour
Entrée:  One Entrée of your choice served with Pork Fried Rice


      Sweet and Sour Chicken

      Moo Goo Gai Pan

D5.      Chicken with Broccoli

D6.      Kung Pao Chicken

D7.       Lemon Chicken

D8.       General Tso's Chicken

D9        Imperial Chicken

D10.     Tangy Chicken

D11.      Sesame Chicken

D12.      Hunan Beef

D13.      Pepper Steak

D14.      Beef with Broccoli

D15.      Szechuan Beef

D16.      Black Pepper Steak

D17.      Mongolian Beef

D18.      Sweet and Sour Pork
D19       Hunan Pork

D20.      Shrimp with Lobster Sauce

D21.      Shrimp Chop Suey

D22.      Sweet and Sour Shrimp

D23.      Imperial Shrimp

D24.      Curry Chicken

D25.      Szechuan Pork

D26.      Pork Egg Foo Young

 D27.      Shrimp with Broccoli

D28.      Orange Chicken

D29.      Cashew Nut Chicken

D30.      Chicken Lo Mein

D31.      Fancy Vegetables 


             We do a
pologize if your item choice is not currently available.



Five Happiness Restaurant

4402 East Aloha Drive #12
Diamondhead, MS 39525
In the Diamondhead Community Shopping Center

Please telephone your orders for pick-up to: 1-228-255-9800

We hope to be able to offer on-line ordering in the near future.  Please bear with us.

Prices are subject to correction or change without prior notice.

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